Another month

Yeah… another month, more heat, warm sea, tourists… no fire, no fireworks, no bonfires, and now you are also forbidden of SMOKING!!! Of course outside. So beware! Tickets are big. Remember we are dry as… okay, I will not say it but this what I wanted to say was a compilation of an old nun, bag and all this jazz.

We have amazing visitors in our garden, and… geeeez it is hot.

Soooo… No fires, no fireworks and me praying to varmepumpe which can cool a bit our home! Not only warm it up!!!

Blessed Be The One!!! LOL

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PS. Remember also, that all photos are for sale, those on Facebook IBornholm and Kobaltowa Wrona too 🙂 Paypal (150DKK), mail and you can print is as you want 🙂 Whatever size you want. So please… buy them, do not steal them. Bigger size is better LOL And I am a poor artist. Crazy poor… And of course I am not talking about photos of my face. You are not so crazy to want it, right – those from the Galleri Kobaltowa Wrona blog? LOL You can also buy my art MADE ON BORNHOLM from canvas bought here and paints, and brushes even!!! With pieces of sand, sorry… they really happen LOL Check @Kobaltowa Wrona page shop! And contact me. Do not use the shop if you can get them – bigger – cheaper!!!

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