I got no idea why people think that my Island is flat? Maybe because of our many cycle tracks? Maybe… All I have tot ell you all… we are not flat! Got boobs and all that stuff! I mean really! … Continue reading


Sometimes it is raining, really a lot, with hail even… And sometimes – much more often – it is just warm and sunny – also called: boring weather!!! LOL And sometimes my eyes are closed and I dream… … Continue reading

Even if not…

… swimming, or sunbathing, beach is still coll. Soft, light yellow and white sand under your boots, maybe you will take them off for a while, maybe not. Waves and colors, the sky informing slowly about… rain coming. Cool… … Continue reading

I am not!

I am not saying, that wilderness is the best… it is! I mean, okay with few toilets for those who can’t just take a wee… Yup, toilets are something you can easily find on my Island. In all shapes and … Continue reading