I hate people who litter. I mean really… Thanks to Momma Island we do not have many plastic bottles. They are worth money, so… it is always better to bring them back to the machine!!! But sometimes… especially glass, can … Continue reading


They are everywhere now. I must admit that seeing them so wild and free makse me smile even more often! How cute are they? How strong? See… they are just amazing. Growing, ready, smart! On this Island they go a … Continue reading

Sunny days

Everyday is sunny recently. Like something was switched in the air… and changed the weather. Darkness of winter is gone, and the temperature is rocking too… Although the wind is chilly, the ice cream shop in Gudhjem will be open … Continue reading


Crows are amazing, I mean everywhere I go, they are so close to me… but they can be loud too, so be prepared. But on Bornholm there is something more… even in crows. Even if you consider them only as … Continue reading

In daisies…

There is something different with daisies here on Bornholm. They in fact grow for a whole year… got different colors, shades of white and pink and even redish… but still, there is something like they knew, you know! Knew more… … Continue reading


I could spend all day just looking at them. Just laughing and trying to catch the best moments. Big one trying to get food, tiny one fighting over something too huge for both of them!!! So precious. So normal. So … Continue reading