Sometimes it is all about getting lost and finding your own perfect fairytale. bout letting yourself for some crazy magic, dancing between fields, catching raindrops or just reminding how it was cool to discover things for the first time… All … Continue reading


Hollyhock. Stokroser. Roses on a stick? So popular on Bornholm, so perfectly able to grow everywhere… especially on the road, on the concrete. Able to find the ground everywhere, in every hole, every crevice. How do they do that? In … Continue reading


Time to harvest what was planted… Fields are getting all those shades of old gold. So precious, even when so much people decide to like grains less… even when there is no much poppies and cornflowers, still heartwarming! Still when … Continue reading


It is crowdy here!!! Really. And I am not talking about people. They are of course, more of them: funny, getting tanned, laughing and eating… But it is also more crowdy when it comes to bugs, plants and animals too!!! … Continue reading

After rain

After rain comes sun… and plays with all those wet leftovers. Tiny drops, tiny lakes, ponds and just bright, wet surfaces… … and the world looks so different. Everything is full of petals. Pieces which were dancing like crazy between … Continue reading


Mjødurt (Filipendula ulmaria)… I was passing by them for years, and suddenly this amazing, sweet and heavy, but also fresh and giggly smell caught me! Now I will make tea from it, or juice? Will add some elderflower… and heal … Continue reading