Just a town!

Somehow… even if similar, every town, cite, cottage on Bornholm have something unique. Something special only for it. And Allinge got it too… what do you prefer? Artists? Harbor or maybe shops? Amazing colors, stones or you have something special … Continue reading


Troldskoven – amazing, ancient, untouched. Dark and magical. You can in fact understand why people were choosing this place to live and bury their dead. It is more than just archaeology, it is a place to connect with the most … Continue reading


I did not, even for a moment, though I am addicted to winds… … now they are back, and it makes me giggles! Maybe it is only all that fresh air, lower temperatures or falling stars, but yeah! … Continue reading


So I wanted finally see them, be somehow sure they are real, alive… But from things connected with buffaloes I saw only a huge… poo!!! Still stepping into those woods was amazing! We went to NaturBornholm to look for at … Continue reading