About Bornholm

Well I was reading a book, OK I do it more than often, and there was something about people who moved on Bornholm, but did not stay long, because all they can hear were cows farting… (The book was: “The Killing” D. Hewson, our TV series “Forbrydelsen” but on paper).

And you know what, this is what I call FUN! No billboards, no huge malls, no… well in fact no futuristic crazy pieces… FUN! I can hear my thoughts here, my imaginations plays with shells on the beach like crazy and my inspiration is just overweight!

And yeah cows smell… but how could you not know that! People smell too! Usually more strange than simple cows.

But one is true, and I agree! Bornholm is not for everyone! If you do not need an oasis, go to Ibiza!

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