So it is a totally free day… in fact it means that everybody goes to gardens, or to fix something at home, and then to do something more. I do not get weekends and so called “not going to work” … Continue reading

Rainy nights

It was raining, finally… now the green stuff looks much more green, and the air is more like crystal breath! Weather is a bit cooler, so all tourists can finally show their fancy jumpers and sweaters… and the Island, is … Continue reading

Bud in

Soo… what if inside of all buds live tiny, almost invisible creatures? What if with every petal they wake up, and come out into so called “our world”. They do not grow, because tiny is cool, but have awesome powers, … Continue reading


When it is windy like today, it means one: you can not be sure what kind of weather we have in fact!!! Because in one moment it is warm and really sunny, and then… it is raining! Typical Bornholm mood!!! … Continue reading


The whole thing with Bornholm, which for people is the definition of: I love or I do not like this place… is that you can be so close to the nature here. And I am not talking about bugs! It … Continue reading