Lov i Listed!!!

It is very common, that places we have very near, we visit rare… so I was walking by many times, always wanted to come in, but I am a bit coward. Or just was not sure if it was open, or maybe I just prefer to hide with my addiction!

I love mugs!!! I do! I have many, I use them, love them, touch them… and the funny thing, as an archaeologist I never liked ceramic!

And in LOV I LISTED there are mugs, and bowls and plates… and they are amazing!

In different shapes and colors… so natural!

But not only!

The shop got also this amazing look, and it is just perfect and beautiful…

got antiques, felted pieces, cute pieces, jewellery…

Something big, or just small and cute to bring as a gift from Bornholm.

OK! Bear is mine! Not for sale… but You can meet him – Snebamse here!

There are amazing people inside, creating, and living… and mugs! Did I mention that THEY GOT CUTE MUGS?

But not only… so If You are in Listed (near Svaneke), just come in!

And by handmade! with soul!

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