So what?

So what if it is end of summer? So what if kids go to school? So what?

For me… this is time for fun, especially here, on my Island… my lovely, perfect Island.


Slowly autumn is coming, so you can feel this sweetness in the air, and you can just slow down. And be alone, just with nature…

There is a place…

Blue place, quiet place. With less tourists now, and autumn coming.


There is such amazing place.

Trust me, it is real. Full of colors, full of magic.

I still can not…

I still don’t believe, that I can live here.

I am still stunned every time I see this sea, this coastline, those colors!


I still am breathless… and grateful!

In the city

Yeah, I know… again I used that word! The city… I know! But still, how you wanna call it? Countryside? A village? But it is not a village… In Poland they have this cool word: osada… that could suit.


Settlement? Nope… not this. Not like that!

Maybe  a tribe of cottages? Hamlet?

I can not stop…

… looking up. I mean really.

But when this pink comes and blue and… when all those shades rock my sky, I melt myself!!!


I really do!!!

On the sky…

… colors, birds, clouds.

And sunny rays and of course all blue, and planes from time to time of course. And maybe some angels, or something like that?



And of course this amazing thing called sunset LOL

When it’s gloomy…

Even when it is gloomy and wet a bit, still my Island rocks!

Still it is so amazing, and shapes got so sharp.


And ice cream taste different!!! LOL


Colors for a very good night are present, of course. I bet morning are stunning too… but morning is a time when I finally asleep…


But one day!!! I promise!!!

My very red sea 2

Okay… I need a new camera and I need one waterproof… but when you have no cash, you work with this what you have and ask someone to hold you! And tell you when waves are coming, right?


Because you have to take a photo. No explanation for this need…


My very red sea

My first time. Yes, of course I get it, that this is nature, that it is special, that those are seaweeds… I get it, but still it looks magical. Or weird or scary. Like after sharks meal, or maybe the Genesis?


Or Egypt and all those curses?