Troll of different storms 2

Oh yes… and you got to see him. This amazing calmness when you got to go to work, and he just takes care of your bed and chocolate.

And yummy things from your fridge.


Yup, he appears at my door every storm, and… what can you do. He gives me best ideas and let me find best places for photos, so…

I let him.

Troll of different storms

Oh yes. He is an extreme. Knocks my doors when it is really impossible to stay outside and not to fly…


Comes in and always wants to go for a walk. But, after few minutes he is too lazy to go out. So I got to go out myself!

Oh well!


Troll of everything

Oh yes, this one is always busy. Always crazy, always… not here. I mean really. Always in a hurry. Always undone.


If there is something more than everything, he will find it.

I know he is here, somewhere… but when you deal with everything, something you forget about is… you.

Mostly troll?

Oh yes. See, I think it is a mutation. Maybe a mix of troll and something else?


Maybe something more complicated, UFO and all that stuff?

Maybe? He is taller, less hairy, a bit less quiet. A bit more… human. But could it be true? A love story between a troll and a human? Could it be?


On this Island… yes!!! LOL

Troll of blink

He just likes blinking things. Sparkly, and glittery and shiny…


He just likes it. But he himself, always tide up, always wearing a black rope. Anything sparkly are only raindrops on his arms and hair.

Only his eyes…

That troll

Oh yes, that one. See… he is, and he is not. He appears in reflections. He is the stroll of not existing things, although he thinks it is us, who do not exist in fact.


Complicated, right?

So… who is right? He or us? Or maybe neither nor… maybe?

Moody troll

Oh yes, and his name is Jakob. And he is moody. You know, all moods in one troll, blended, muddled, tossed. In fact you can expect everything from him: from tears to joyful jumps. From sadness to laugh so loud, that you start to feel naked…


He is really cool, if you… well, find him in a good mood. Usually sitting over Gudhjem. On the rocks. Playing with sheep.

Love troll

When it comes to love… well my Island is love, so, in fact every piece of her is love and love is love and… Okay, yes we have a love troll always wearing those red boxers in tiny pink hearts and rose petals in his… hair.


He is adorable.

But… see he wanna kiss everybody, and not everyone is interested, so… be careful! LOL Happy Valentine’s Day! Kærlighed is in the air!!! LOL

This one troll

Oh yes, the only one who has a name for every tree here and every piece of moss, every mushroom and… you know, he is kind of medicus, kind of shaman. From all the trolls on my Island he is really tidy. Always wearing proper clothes, in fact perfectly looking, slim!!! short human being. With lovely curly hair and glasses on his big nose.


With bags, and more smaller bags and packets and sachets. Oh he has everything in them. You need to sleep deeper, ask him for help, you do not like your mother in law, well… he can have something for it too.

But be careful, because the payment is always… weird!!!

Laughing troll

Oh yes.

This one with naked belly. I mean no hair there, and a lot of everywhere else, so when he laughs, and he does it all the time, it shakes, so you laugh too.


Everything is a proposition to a smile for him, and from a smile to a healthy, exercising laugh is a short step! Or path… Or whatever!!!

I love this short guy. His beard always full of crumbles and fingers sticky… he always eats something and he always is… happy. But not in this way that you just wanna step on his head and finish his life, he just always makes you laugh with him!