Into the marsh 2

And deeper… I mean really, but be careful! And pay attention to bugs. They can be lovely and awesome, but also a bit more than hungry.

And go… just step by step, just a moment by another one.


Go… to find new.

Into the marsh…

Just to sink in for a while… you know, to check how those virgins are going? Offerings and sacrifices…

Just to be somewhere else. To hear the mud singing, and to just check how crazy plants can be.


Just to…

Very tasty market!

Sooo… we had it, and it was AWESOME. I think they liked us too, because promised to be back next year.

I mean really, this was a bit like having short vacation somewhere between Finland, Italy, France and UK… and Netherlands! Lovely people, yummy food, and for the first time ever we had some fish and chips!!!


And yeah, I know Poland had no food, what was disappointing, but those metal toys were above cute. And Finland with those sweaters! Awwww… and T-shirts and toys!!! I mean really cool!

I am waiting for next year.

Go blue!

Especially when everything, even trolls and stones are sweating…

When Danmark is waiting for rain, but of course my Island will keep sunny…


Especially, when… you just really need it.

Go blue! LOL

Golden fields – gluten post

Here they are… early this year.

All golden.


All amazing…

And why not?

I mean really, why not? I can be a little fanatic of this place. I can, right?

Nothing wrong in loving your home, nothing wrong in cherishing it.


Nothing, right… although someone here really upset me. I mean really, I still can not believe it. Still it is painful. And all because I just said, that those ice cream was not okay. That everything here was not as it used to be? How can the owner write to a customer, that he or she has no right to have an opinion? I was so depressed, because those ice cream were one of my fav ever… and now…

Things changed.

Things got painful.

Go blue!

Usually the sky is blue here, and the sea and ponds, rivers…

But sometimes even fields get blue. Just because they can, right?


Or maybe it was so windy, and they got… you know, a bit seasick? LOL


Some people got dogs, oh my I love dogs, always say Hi to them, when walking… or cats, or some have bugs, and I really do not want to think about it.

See… I was chosen by them.



And bears, but still, crows are always around me.

Okay, so…

… yup, the Sun sometimes is hidden behind the clouds, not often, but it happens, and we do have sunsets.


Trust me we do! Pity they are mostly hidden for me, but we do get some colors!

All those lovely…

… trees, waves, beaches, cottages, clouds, rays, flowers…

Okay, for me here on my Island, everything is just lovely and perfect. Beautiful and stunning, so forgive me… or not, but even birdy poops look like fallen angels.



Just look at them!