Fishy fishy fishy…

So yup, we are an Island, we are fishy. LOL

Okay, not so much in fact. It is quit hard to get a fish from the sea, I mean, get a fish from a boat… we got seals, they really damaged everything a lot, but still, from time to time you cn find a huge white-grey cloud. Those are seagulls…


Seagulls guarding the keel-boat. LOL

When IT burns…

I mean really. I get it, this is so called north, right, but remember, this place, my Island, is soaking with sun!

So it can be really hot! And when I say really… well, it means it, really! LOL


Yesterday and day before were two hottest ever! Something between the oven and a pan hitting your skin. Really!

So beware!

The Heat is here!!!

Like a giant, or weirdly shaped unicorn, The Heat came… in fact we had a very hot May too, so it is not a surprise…

It is so hot everywhere…


IMG_4815 (2)

We need rain. I need an iceberg! OMI I am so hot LOL Okay, hot in degrees, you know!

I do not!

I do not have a TV. Yup, I am that weird kind of a human being. I also do not like to party loud, or… have fun in that way?

I do not have cool shops around me and too many people.


But I do live on an Island, where I can just hide… from politics, weird stuff, Kardashians and all those adverts! Here only leaves scream: meet my tree, and stones! LOL

And here it is…


I mean real heat. Hot hot hot…


Everything is sweating.

But the waves can calm it… really!!! LOL Or ice cream. Or maybe just a nice, deep shadow? Or air condition… LOL


I really know there is space all around us. Wait, I mean The Space! Final Frontier, you know where this Enterprise flies…

Where green/grey aliens live. And of course Space Wars and Star Trek is still going on? LOL


I am aware that there is life above or under us… but still, what is it all about? We have our special, personal Space Ball!!! LOL Amazing wooden architectural baby!

Just a simple day!

I love simple days. When there is no MUST, or YOU SHOULD. When you just can do whatever you want. Go, run, walk…

Eat ice cream.


Discover something new…

Just a simple day!

Mornings and evenings!

Right… I do not see them often, really. Okay, mornings more than evenings, but still…


I got to make myself less sleepy again soon, really!!! Mornings can be so breathtaking, but with those light nights… they start around 2-3 a.m.!!! This is too late… I start dreaming around that time! But when you got to go, you got to go, right?


Well, somehow with all that drought and sun, hot days and cool nights… yup, we have summer since 1st May. Or maybe 2nd?


Still not so many tourists, only… Folkemodet! LOL If you wanna go to Allinge, do not bother! Stay in Gudhjem instead!!! We got ice cream here!

A bit muddy… 2

And deeper, and deeper, and deeper… OMMI I must admit, those paths are not used very often. I bet there are lions there somewhere. And bears…

And godzillas!!!


Do we have godzillas on my Island? I bet we do!!! LOL