Every path you go…

… how was it? Every move you make? Every path you take? Every breath, thought and whatsoever… She will be with you. Because there is a difference between being on an Island and being with Her…


You can feel her… The Mighty Island. But also a bit flirty this time. Oh my, she does love autumn, I am telling ya! LOL

Simple wilderness!

I mean really… very simple wilderness. Very. Because here wherever and whenever you go, you can be sure, it will not take long to find a place you already knew.


Not very.

Or the sea, so being lost is here an art! My Island is small and you feet can take you everywhere! But also… you can get lost and finally be with nature, and only with nature for a moment. And nature is fun! Maybe not when bites, but still… LOL

Go red?!

Just sit down. Let yourself for this a bit longer moment of doing nothing, and sing a lullaby to the Sun.

Just because it is sleepy…


Trust me the Sun loves lullabies! And stories. And candies too!!! LOL

Pure gold!

Oh yes… sunsets now can really make you fly! I mean really! All you wanna do is suck them inside of you because they seem to be so yummy…


But this old gold on the waves, it is something different. So rich, but also a bit not for me… me a poor, short being. With no crown or tiara! No castle…

Pure gold.

Still jumping in!

Okay, even if waves are cooler, it is so awesome to just jump in!

Just be again a crazy mermaid, a kid playing with waves and sand… just be one with this amazing sea thingy!


Just swimming like crazy, running away from jellyfishes too. LOL

In the garden

Okay, sunny rays were not gently this summer, so gardens look a bit miserable. Some of them are burnt to the ground. And grass… well it sucks!


That heat took all moisture from us all.

But still, it looks amazing.

Soooo hot…

Last few weeks were just hot, steamy and really warm. People jumping into the waves were such a normal view…


So where is autumn? I mean really?

I need my cup of cocoa right now, but not with such an explosion of degrees! LOL

Just deeper…

I mean really. Do not be afraid of them… leaves are here! They are awesome!


I can not stop looking at them. Deeper of course. To see nerves and all those puzzles. To just see more.

Try it LOL


Slowly autumn wraps us in all those amazing aromas, colors and feelings…



Because it is so crazy hot recently, that it is still summer! Sorry, but swimming and running half naked is still included! LOL

When I travel…

When I am far away from my Island… I miss Her like hell, but when I come back… suddenly I discover everything one more time.

Like there was a huge hunger inside of my, like I was hungry for an Island!!! LOL


And now we have one of the most amazing times here… before autumn! It rocks!!! Although it is a bit too hot today!