How can it be?

How can this place be so complicated and perfect in one time?


How can it be so breathtaking, calm, but also loud and crazy when season starts?

How can it be everything…

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And those little…

All those little flowers, just melt me.


I mean really. They do not smell, but look like tiny bells! If you are ready to bent your knees and listen…

… they may play you a song, or tell a story. About the past, knights, vikings and giant bears. I bet there were giant bears, why not? LOL

Between the clouds

I like walking between the clouds. When the light can be so sharp like a new knife…


I just like it. It is somehow even more magical here.

Although… on my Island everything is magic.

So quiet…

End of March was so quiet. Everything was busy with blooming and growing, with figuring out what to do now, where and how?


It was so clear. It was so amazing…

Me so under

Under the sky, the trees, under the flowers and first petals. Under first leaves and buds.

So under.


Under too many thoughts, weird theories, quarrels.


Because I live here, on this Island and I can, at least from time to time  if my brain lets me, just do not give a crap.

Spring flowers

This year was amazed by them, I truly get it, the whole Island was so in love with the, that She kept them for long time, for a really long time.


Oh my.

It was looking so lovely!

Liquid amber

I mean really, just look.


Doesn’t it look like liquid amber. Amazing and soft. You wanna keep it, but when you touch it, it disappears.

It changes into water… not just water, but only water.

And more wilderness

Deeper and deeper you can go.


Although always, I mean always always you will somehow reach the sea.

Well, this is not a bad thing.

Without leaves

Without leaves but of course with this feeling around that they are ready to poop… it looks differently. It looks geometrical.


Clearer, but also naked.

And… a bit like: we are waiting for something, do not look.

Before the mighty green

Okay, the Mighty Green attacks when you do not look…


These trees are just waiting to get it all springy and green.

To bloom…