Just troll

Just a simple one. I think he is just a troll. You know, one of those short human like, hairy beings. For most of people invisible…


But why invisible? Maybe because imaginations is in atrophy?

Maybe you just do not care? Or have your head too high…

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One blue troll

Okay, all colors here have their trolls, but the blue one is special. I bet even his name is somehow blue, like his hair, short legs, eyes, big nose, wide ears…


His blue way of walking, blue way of life, even his words seems blue… He appears everywhere the sea reflects the blue sky… and sometimes behind ladies in blue dresses, really. You got to meet him!

Troll of wobbling boats

Oh yeah, you should notice him really quickly. He is always green looking like vomiting is his next breath out. But still, he loves boats. Their colors and shapes, all those weird pieces, all those nets and paddles.

He just loves them…


… still is not fancy in being on them. Trust me. He needs a lot of pills to be on board. A bit like me, I think. LOL

He always wears the safe jacket and those wings and that wheel and in fact I am so not sure ho he looks because he has even a big, floral swimming hat. I bet he has nose and mouth but that pipe covers everything…

Troll of the last days of autumn

Yup, we have one like this too. He is awesome! I must admit, when everybody is waiting for winter, he still finds last berries, leaves and makes awesome creations from it. He is wearing something different everyday!


Although in fact he sticks those pieces in his hairy body. Do you know he is not one color, nope, he is more like reddish with red paths and some silver around his ears. His feet are a bit green and… Oh my Mother Island, he is just a last day of autumn.

Calm troll

Oh yes we got one like this too, although… well, got no idea how to tell you but this troll is a twin, Yup he has a very annoying sister! They always sit on a broken branch above the sandy river and she talks, he pretends he is not here…


Normal… sometimes this is all you can do. You know, all!


Morning troll

Well… trust me he is like all of us!

Tired, messy and needy when it comes to tea. Yeah, he loves tea, but trust me it is only so called tea, because the hell I know what kind of leaves he puts there!


He is always wearing weird, orange cloth made from that orange flag fishermen always put on those floating round things… Yeah, I know nothing about fishing and of course boating. I need more lessons! LOL But our friend is really cool. I mean he loves to take a nap after he wakes up, and spend whole day in a tall grass warming up his bum… and doing things I do not wanna even think about! LOL He is also a great bird watcher. Although last time I saw few feathers between his big, strong yellow teeth, so…


Troll who paints

The one who just do not care…

… walking around and painting. He loves to just be himself. Not asking anyone: do you like it, should it be here? Yes, he just does not care.

Not at all.


How he looks like?

Well, under all this paint all I can say he has a belt full of brushes and little tubes with paint. He is hairy, I bet he is, but also weirdly thinner than other Trolls of my Island. He is the one I love to work wit. Whatever it is: archaeology, writing or painting… he is just pure silence. And OCD.


Sunny troll

The one you can not look on, really. Not even in his eyes. He is so bright, but not yellow, in fact those warm colors change…

As a sunny day on my Island.


He is quiet, but loves to watch. Yeah, creepy a bit.

Sandy troll


Sandy trolls are smaller. But able to be huge too. But those huge are like rock trolls, not moving very much. Small sandy trolls are ticklish. Oh my, if you ever sit on a beach and after coming back home was still sandy for a week at least… now you have sandy trolls there. Do not afraid. They will not stay for long…


They prefer sand and sea, but they also love chocolate so leave some unattended and all sand will be gone soon. And next time you will find a perfect spot on a beach! Trust me. No stones no bumpy sticks.

They will be so grateful for every candy left around a beach. Oh, I should mention that they are one of those less hairy. Short, in fact very short, with big eyes and noses and ears which help them ventilate the whole body… are just friendly souls who love to swim, sunbath and create naughty marks on the sand…

Sea troll

Trolde og nisser… everywhere. In a simple translations trolls and dwarfs, or maybe more like little people. Hard to explain. Especially when you think about all those beards. LOL But yeah, this is my Island and she is full of them.


And you know what… There is a Sea Troll. I saw him coming out from the waves early morning. Dressed in seaweeds and tiny shells. Yup, too tiny man! Too tiny! Oh my Mother Island. He is chubby and hairy, but not so hairy to cover everything. Big ears, mouth and eyes. Friendly and giggly… and when he speaks every his word is salty.

And his name is Gustav. Gustav the Sea Troll. Living everything fishy and playing with boats. He is good when it comes to dancing on the waves and tells great sea stories, but he swears a lot! I mean a lot… LOL