2 degrees

2 degrees at night… yummy, right? LOL


Oh yes, of course we do have spring. Calm down, those photos are one month old LOL

Or maybe… who knows?

Even when it rains, it is sunny…

I mean really. Here you can never be sure of the weather.



Now it is windy and sunny and… it rains! How undecided weather? Special here, trying make everyone happy.

So what?

So what if I walk so much? It is healthy, right?



But also, I think there is something in my Island what pushes everyone to walk and walk and walk… like we were here, to just keep her in place by it!

Maybe it is the ultimate truth? Oh my! LOL

Maybe small, but…

Maybe my Island is not so big, maybe you can run it around quickly, but you can always find here a place which you never seen.


Which can surprise you.

Which just melts your heart.

Because… the sea!

It is all. Because.

I mean really!


Trust me. If you never tried it, give yourself some cold sea…

And then more!

Even when it’s winter…

… beach is stunning. Even when it is grey and foggy, it is majestic!


Because it is all you need sometimes to make yourself feel better.



You can not miss it… you just need to travel Aakirkebyvej. And you will get there.

Although few years ago it looked like this.


Now it is a bit different… will it change again? Ask the author David Winther…

What do you think about it? About making your home also a statement of your art?


It’s not like this…

… that I stand in flames in front of churches. I just make some smoke and smell like fried chicken. That is all. And churches here on my Island are quiet friendly, but still…


They scare me!


One duck, two ducks…

… or three even.

Or more?


Because even them when it is crazy cold prefer not to swim. Just to wait… you know, for a bit warmer waves? Or just winds slower?

Happy Easter!!!

We had some snow at night… and now it is sunny like crazy. Normal weather for my Island, right?


Very normal. But do not worry, photos are still from last month. LOL Or more like February… Happy Easter – God Påske.