And so I go…

… deeper and deeper. If I could, I would not come back home. Between the walls. If I could I would day in those woods.



But I cherish my bathroom too much, so I come back. LOL And then go again.

And again. And I never get bored with my Island.


I mean really orange? I remember my first time I saw this place… OMMI orange. I mean okay, maybe not exactly, more bloody orange than just yellow orange, but still… huge and orange!


So amazing. So witch like looking.

So one and only.

So tasty…

I mean really… okay, we got tasty things on this Island, my precious Island, but sometimes… all those colors look so delicious! So… you just wanna bite hem, try them, lick them, eat them… EAT THEM!



Just look. Hindbærsnitte and kærnemælkshorn not included.

And then came light…

It is sunny! Sunny today!

Finally sunny!


Time to see that I really got to wash my windows, but not now… now into the woods! Or cliffs or rocks or whatever!!!

How is my October doing?

Sooo what? What if I like when it is gloomy and grey… when all my mind is praying for snow… Yeah, still October, still… LOL


We have a very grey October. Like never, we were windy for few weeks, and gloomy… weird thing. Where is my famous light?

Of course it is still awesome to go out, and munch some leaves, but it is weird… not to have light here. Very weird.

Gloomy day

Of course we got gloomy days from time to time. We also need some extra hours for sleep and being lazy.



But even when it is gloomy, even when the sky is grey… somehow it is so beautiful.

When life is killing you…

I mean really…

When work makes you wanna vomit, when people really hurt you, when… this so called civilization is just fu…ing your today… go out.


I mean really. Somehow nature can suck it from you. Quickly and softly.


… here myths are still being born, created, still bobbling around, still somehow ready to jump on you and tell you their stories.


Yup, this can be a bit scary. But also amazing, awesome, and so cool!

So when you sit by the sea, river, or in the woods next to a strangely warm rock, be ready for them. Be… open! LOL

Or… just look up, there are dragons there!


Oh yes… splash, splash, splash! With all those waves everything is so wobbly and wet.


I mean really.


You, me, and those people. And all rocks. And homes…

Naughty light

On my Island light is different. It is naughty. It follows you, watches you, it in fact even… a bit stalk you! Trust me!


Here you can not run away from it. No way! Even when it sets, somehow it stays. Hides… watches you and has a great fun!