When it comes to blue…

I love blue, okay. I have some feelings too! And one of them is my love to blue…


Amazing and rich blue.

Surprising, stunning and mysterious…

Walk more…

Walk more, but also stop more. Do not miss funny colors, waves in weird shapes… just walk, slower and quicker, but remember, look around.


Or maybe close your eyes and sit down?

Here everything is visible even when your eyes are closed.

But it was so dark!

I mean really. That day was gloomy and sad… spooky, and misty, and then, suddenly… from crazy nowhere…



I mean really. Just this.

By the sea…

Fun is by the sea, and love often sits there too…


And funny meals, sand castles and maybe even lucky stones?

And waves, trees, grass and maybe mermaids…

Between the trees…

… are hidden stories. Legends and ballads. Ready to be spoken. Ready to be heard.


But people run, do not stop, walk to quick, just…

Are there and aren’t.

When it melts…

It sucks when it melts. I feel sad and in fact it is like someone was stealing my best thing ever from me!



Yes, I am THAT weird.

Green and white and red



Very rarely, but it happens. And look at this photo above… can you sea a green forest man? hanging a bit, climbing the tree…

The woods are awesome!!!

Green and white

Well, it happens. Just because nature can.


Just because it looks so amazing and classy.

Just because…

One snowy evening 2

… oh my so blue. And those lamps, quiet sea and wind playing only with petals.


And this amazing smell of fresh snow.

So sweet.

One snowy evening

Yeah… not even a day. But so amazing. So thrilling and magical.


See, we do not get much snow on my Island. Yeah it is so called North, but still, climate here is so special.

When it happens… I mean snow, you do everything to dig in!

Ps. This was 7th of January. And you know what… there will be some more! As always. You can buy my photos and print it, remember it (150 DKK, paypal).