And December…

Sooo when it comes to autumn, did not spoil us. In fact must admit, I had one day for leaves…


For those which were left of course.

But still this was an amazing day!!!

Wind wind wind

… is everywhere. Playing with leaves, humans, branches…

Just wind and sun.


Just some sun and the strong wind…

Sky is up…

… soil is down. Trees are slowly going to sleep, same with bushes, disappearing… but grass and fields, yeah still so green.


Like in Ireland!

And this amazing air… breath in and breath out! All you got to do!

Look up…

Look down.

And repeat. And then walk… just walk. It costs nothing.


And gives you so much.

So autumn…

Well, autumn was a bit dark. Too windy, so leavesless…  I mean no leaves up, no down even and not so many colors because the sun somehow burnt everything on branches, but still… I felt it for a moment.


Now I am expecting a nice snowy winter! You promised me one!!!


Pumpkins are down. Halloween is over…

Jul is coming, and a very strong wind too.


Sooo, beware!

Just give me…

“Just give me winds and waves,
and sand, and rocks,
and trees.
Just give me the skies:blue, stormy, or bright
and ice.
Just give me winter,
more snow, cold and frosty
Just give me leaves,
and grass and flowers
and meadows.
Just give me rain
and thunders and storms,
and even lightnings,
though I am scared off.
Just give me…

Just give me nature,
or more hands off
from it if you can not play nicely!!!
If all you do is destroying us.”
Ch. J.


Just give me… nature…

For inspiration…

This is why in fact here everyone is an artist. You can not avoid it.


It catches you, yells in your head, pushes you…



Well, when you are short, I mean I am… you look at the world differently. Totally.


Somehow this wide horizon is not so important. Somehow tall trees, yeah they are above me, I know it, but…

… more important are little things and colors.


In fact ever piece of my Island is somehow saint…

But some are a bit “sainter”? LOL Okay, a bit more saint, and marked as one.


So when you need to talk to spirits, you can choose a place special for you.